About us

Our vision

Brought to you humbly from Sweden. We would be pleased to tell you more about our mission and the vision that drives us forward.

At NPK2U, our mission is to address the vital need for a seamless marketplace that unites both buyers and sellers of organic fertilizers. We're not just another marketplace; we're a dynamic force committed to facilitating connections and fostering a shared purpose. Our primary goal is to empower buyers and sellers to establish a continuous supply of organic fertilizers, ensuring that both the soil and the plant receive precisely what they need, precisely when they need it.

We understand that the evolving needs of the plant and the soil have become inextricably linked with the global climate challenge. Consequently, our mission is deeply rooted in climate responsibility. Every action we take, every service we offer, is built upon this foundation of environmental awareness.

Our vision is clear: to create a marketplace that enhances user value, providing not only the convenience of saving time and money but also delivering tangible climate benefits. We're driven by a commitment to make a positive impact, aligning the interests of buyers, sellers, and the environment.


Our team

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Peter Csirmaz

CEO and Founder

Peter, an accomplished professional with more than 15 years in the green technology and water treatment sectors, holds a remarkable track record of nurturing startups and cultivating global markets. His extensive network reaches the highest echelons of corporate leadership, including CEOs and Board of Directors. Peter's offensive approach, rooted in strategic vision and proactive leadership, ensures NPK2U's rapid entry into the marketplace, leveraging his wealth of experience to drive business development and innovation in the field of organic fertilizers and beyond. With Peter's expertise in technical research and development, NPK2U is well-positioned to provide a user-friendly experience while incorporating the latest technology, securing knowledge and success in the marketplace.

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Günter Alce

CTO and Co-Founder

Dr. Günter Alce is an accomplished Associate Senior Lecturer/Researcher at Lund University, specializing in Augmented Reality (AR) interaction for the glass form-factor. With a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, he worked as a software engineer at Ericsson and Sony Ericsson before becoming a Senior Engineer at Sony's technology office. Pursuing his passion, Günter earned a Ph.D. at Lund University, focusing on AR interaction. As the founder of G.A. Mobile AB, he pioneers cutting-edge mobile solutions. Günter's expertise merges technical proficiency with creative innovation, shaping the future of AR and mobile technology. Günter's experience in technical research and development, secures knowledge using the latest technology in our marketplace which adds user friendly experience.

Senior Advisers

Henno Haaring

Senior Adviser

Mr. Henno Haaring, Dorset's visionary Partner and Owner, leads a renowned company founded by his father, Henk. Dorset dominates the manure drying business globally, with over 900 dryer installations in 40+ countries. Their cutting-edge equipment, including dryers, pelletizing units, top loaders, air cleaners, and big bag systems, has left an indelible mark on every continent. Driven by a commitment to excellence, Dorset's installations are accompanied by unmatched product availability, revolutionizing the industry.

Håkan Wallander

Senior Adviser

Håkan Wallander is a professor in Soil Biology at Lund University and one of leading experts in soil ecology, nutrient recycling and mycorrhizal fungi in EU. He is commonly active in media and is the author of several popular scientific books in the field. Håkan’s numerous years of expertise adds a wide knowledge of soil ecology and reuse of plant nutrients to our marketplace.

Inger Valeur

Senior Adviser

Inger Valeur PhD, owner of Tillus Consulting AB, has deep and wide experience in plant nutrient recycling technologies theoretically as well as in lab- and process environment. In more than a decade she has been working with process development handling a wide range of nutrient rich effluents and recycled fertilizers.